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All of our tours are individually customized. Please Contact Greg Harris for a quote and itinerary that is tailored for your specific adventure..


Cave Tubing

Tube and hike in the Blue Hole River cave system to visit Maya ceremonial chambers that have Artifacts such as: Pottery, Beads, Obsidian knives, fire pits, and Charcoal ash. With beautiful speleothems and crystalline formation, tube through one kilometer of cave system down stream over rapids to a spectacular mystical exit that Mother Nature has to offer. An experience to be remembered.

Location - Blue Hole National Park 10 mile south of Belmopan.
Tour Duration:3-4 ½ hours
Contact Greg Harris for pricing and availability.
Clothing: hike boots, short - pants T- shirt

Seven Mile Cave Tubing

The longest Cave tubing in Belize. The Cave Branch River cave system, has a series of seven Caves. Experience a journey through this natural underworld, as did the ancient Maya. Tube through the rays of the sunlight going through the mist and the tree canopy at each exit giving it a mystical view for visitors to enjoy a natural setting.Location
- start off the Hummingbird Highway and exit on the western Highway
Full Day Tour:Start around 8-30- 9:am and ends at 3-4 p.m.
Contact Greg Harris for pricing and availability.
Clothing:hike boots, short Pants, T- shirts

Biological Corridor Trail

Forms part of the Messo-American biological corridor, this 25 miles section extends from Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (on the western high way) to Five Blues National Park (on the humming Bird High Way).

It is a (2 night 3 days) hike that takes you through an amazing environment of limestone (karst) topography. This rugged terrain is a source of wonder with five series of Underground River cave passages on the trail. The jungle has an intensive diversity of flora and fauna habitat for five species of cats found in Belize and Tapirs. The towering trees with huge canopy is the home for Black howlers and spider monkey and hundred of birds species from eagles and toucans to tiny humming birds.

Your experienced guide provides the interpretation of local culture, edible medicinal Plants and fruits

good level of fitness and adventurous spirit
Contact Greg Harris for pricing and availability.

Crystal Cave

It's a 40 minutes hike under pristine jungle with many birds Species such as Toucans, mot-mots and raptors to mention a few.

The Crystal Cave is the entrance to the mystical and most sacred area in Maya pantheon. A 40 feet rappel lowers you gently into first chamber. The Crystal cave system goes through miles of huge caverns that are adorned with speleothems and crystalline formation. Each step you take goes back further in time to when shamans and Priest journeyed in to the under world.

Xibalba or (Place of Fright) is where ritual ceremonies were performed. Artifacts, Pottery, Beads, Obsidian knives, Fire pits, Charcoal ash and human skeleton are calcified in the limestone floor, all evidences of the once flourishing ancient Mayan civilization.

Artifacts: Pottery, Beads, Obsidian knives, and Fire Pits, charcoal ash, human skeletons calcified in limestone floors. These are all evidence of this once flourishing ancient civilization.

-One of the 10 crystal caves in the world -This is a highly rugged cave -Participants must have a high level of fitness

- In the Blue Hole National Park-10 mile south of Belmopan on the Hummingbird Highway
-Full day Tour: start 9:or 9:30 am Ends 3:30 or
Contact Greg Harris for pricing and availability.
Maximum 5 persons per trip

Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak Natural monument is Belize's second highest mountain at 3680 ft and houses the world's first jaguar Preserve .The 128,000-acre reserve is comprised of lush jungle and an abundance of wildlife. The majestic Jaguar and hundreds of bird species including the beautiful scarlet macaw, roam wild, deep in the heart of the Maya Mountain. (High chances of seeing these exotic animals on the trail) …After 28 kilometers of vigorous hiking through thick jungle, this giant granite mountain exposes itself in to the clouds. Now the countdown begins for a journey that many have attempted, but only a few have achieved.

The equipment, ropes - harness -hardware that is carried for the ultimate climb, its action time not for the faint of heart - adventurous People that want to take up a Belizean challenge.

- A four-day round trip hike over rugged terrain.
4 Days -5 days.
Contact Greg Harris for pricing and availability

Jungle Survival Tour

Your primitive jungle survival training begins deep in the jungle with a machete and a medical kit on your side. Learn how to adapt to the natural surroundings as you build traps for mammals, fish and birds. Soon your newly acquired knowledge will lead you to identify edible medicinal plants and wild fruits, (mushrooms, wild honey, etc.). When the unforeseen occurrences arise; your own skills will determine your helpfulness to others and to yourself.

Minimum four days!
Done year round


We also offer many day trips:

-Baboon Sanctuary.

-Zipline Canopy Tours

-Crystal Cave, ATM Cave.



-Mayan Ruins.